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Under 17 Driving Lessons

I am really proud that teendrive got nominated for our road safety courses in partnership with The Foundation of Light at the Children & Young People Now awards and that from nearly 500 competitors we where a finalist. 

Teendrive as featured on Dragon's Den

Teendrive was featured on BBC's Dragons Den where it received excellent feedback from the Dragon's,

Deborah Meading "You are making a real difference to road safety".

 Peter Jones: “Carry on what you are doing as it very worthwhile.”

Hilary Devey: “I can tell you are determined to succeed


Why Teendrive for Under 17 Driving Lessons?

 Teendrive is the original young driver experience in Sunderland, Durham  Newcastle and Wsahington Tyne & Wear.. Our north east under 17 driving lessons have been featured on Dragon’s Den and are award nominated. We pride ourselves on delivering an outstanding teen driving experience in our private driving areas throughout the north east.  All of our instructors are CRB checked and are fully qualified DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency)  instructors. 


New venues

We now have under 17 driving areas throughout the north east of England.


Some driving schools teach under 17 driving lessons in public accessed driving areas this means that your child is driving illegally and can get penalty points and could be prosecuted by the policeInstructors are not insured to teach on public accessed roads for under 17 driving lessons it is illegal. The general rule is if anyone can drive into the driving area while under 17 lessons are been taught it is illegal, check before you book as it could be a very costly lesson for yourself and your child with them been banned before they even get their driving license.

Check before you book.

Teendrive only teach under 17 driving lessons on private driving a

                                                 The reasons for an under 17 driving course

created a under 17 driving course for one reason and that is to reduce road accidents among young drivers. I have always been determined to make a  real differnce to road safety in our area. I have worked for a number of years for a road safety charity and now I  have set up  the Teen Drive North East Road Safety Charity. The aim of the charity is to offer free road safety courses to schools and educational providers within our area. Only through education can we reduce road accidents among young drivers.

Craig Ramshaw ADI 

Why Teendrive for under 17 driving lessons

  • All Teendrive instructors are fully CRB checked.

  • Teendrive is the orginal under 17 driving school.

  • Teendrive is an educational provider to 4 local authorities

  • Teendrive courses are supported by Northumbria Police.

  • Some driving schools teach in a public accessed car parks (Check with them before you book) Teendrive only teach in private driving areas.

  • Teendrive's young driving experience was featured on Dragons Den. 

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Why under 17 driving lessons?

The whole purpose of a pre 17 driving lessons is to instill safe driving pratices from a younger age as when Sweden introduces road safety courses into schools they reduced there accidents rates among young drivers by over 40%. Young drivers account for a high percentage of road accidents and the main reason cited is lack of experience or road safety knowledge. At Teendrive we intend to make a real difference to road safety through our young drivers experience in Sunderland , Durham  Newcastle and Teesside.

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